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Everything Swimming Pool Supplies Restoration Services

Pool Tile Cleaning Service
The products that we use are environmentally friendly, pH neutral, and will not harm your pets or landscaping. This process can be performed with the swimming pool full or empty. >> more info.

Pool Tile Repair / Coping Repair
Pool tile and coping repairs should always be performed by a licensed contractor to help ensure the repairs are performed properly.  Temporary pool tile repairs and pool coping repairs that are not done properly may require a more expensive repair in the future. >> more info.

Pool Plaster Polishing
Everything Swimming Pool Supplies has developed a technique to restore the smoothness to the plaster’s surface without causing damage to the cream coat of the plaster.  Most roughness is from a build up on the surface caused by incorrect water chemistries such as a high pH and/or calcium hardness in the water. >> more info.

Pool Plaster Repair
Over time, plaster will begin to fail causing problems such as rust spots from the rebar in the structure of the swimming pool or spa, plaster delaminating that looks like thin flaking on the plaster’s surface, and/or structural cracks that can cause the pool or spa to lose water. >> more info.

Swimming Pool Acid Wash / Stain Removal
Pool acid washing is for the removal of mild mineral, metal, and/or organic staining.  This process is performed with the swimming pool or spa drained and then there is a chemical solution applied to the plaster’s surface.  It is then scrubbed and rinsed to ensure an even looking finish. >> more info.

Swimming Pool Expansion Joint Repair
The rubbery material has an average life expectancy of anywhere from 1 to 4 years though it can fail sooner if the pool or spa has shifted or settled in any way.  When there are areas of the expansion joint/deco seal/mastic that have failed, you are likely to get soil erosion from water runoff that can cause cracks to occur in the deck or the coping. >> more info.

Pool Repairs
Everything Swimming Pool Supplies is a licensed and insured company striving for 100% customer satisfaction. We have quality Certified Technicians to repair and maintain all of the major brands of pool equipment, salt water systems, automated controls, pool plumbing, and electrical problems. The following information is a bit of insight into the different components of your pool equipment and the common problems that occur. >> more info.

Pool Cleaning Services
Don’t let your previous frustrations with pool service companies get you down! With over 20 years of residential and commercial pool service experience, Everything Swimming Pool Supplies believes, that swimming pools and spas should be maintained properly. Whenever issues occur, Everything Swimming Pool Supplies will be there to receive your call and resolve your swimming pool or spa problems as quickly as possible.
>> more info.

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